37 Down – Time for the Baby Pool

Janet’s looking as good as always, just feeling a little more tired than normal.Β  That didn’t keep her from planting a miniature herb garden outside our window, so here’s a photo with our most promising growth projects.

Janet at the end of week 37

We are hoping that baby stays inside a little longer, but in two days Little One will officially cross the line from preemie to regular, which I think makes it time to open the baby pool.Β  You can participate by commenting with your prediction of birth date, size, weight, and gender of Little One.Β  Whoever gets closest to the truth will be crowned the grand winner and will receive an as of yet undecided prize.

Rules for determining the grand winner:
1. If you get the gender right, you receive 0 points; if you get it wrong, -10 points.
2. For every day you are off, -1 point.
3. For every centimeter you are off, -1 point.
4. For every 200 grams you are off, -1 point.
5. The person with the highest total wins.

Go to digitaldutch for a useful unit conversion link!

52 thoughts on “37 Down – Time for the Baby Pool

  1. SursumCorda

    Oh, hooray! This has been on MY guilt-ridden and very long “need to do this now” list, since I was the one ran the Daley baby pools. I’m so happy to turn the job over to someone more organized and even closer to the situation.

    That’s not to say I’ve made my own choice yet, although I have an obvious preference for the date you picked. I’ll be back.

    Do you want to add time as well as date? Or do you figure ties will be broken by the other factors?

    May I start with 100 points? πŸ™‚

  2. Dad-o

    Well, knowing the size of Heather’s kids, and hoping that I will be wrong as to date, I say noon on July 5, 51 cm and 3850g. Oh, it will be a boy.

  3. thduggie Post author

    Dan (and all others): If the time’s not stated, noon will be assumed.
    Steph: No, you hadn’t, but thanks for chiming in. We can make another pool for you if you feel left out. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking a job pool: When will she find out, which continent will it be on, what sector, etc. πŸ˜‰

  4. thduggie Post author

    After a few trials with the data I have, I’ve decided to change rule 1.
    New rule 1: If you get the gender right, you receive 0 points; if you get it wrong, -5 points.
    (Otherwise, only those with the gender right have a chance at grand winner.)

  5. Jon Daley

    I wonder if we need some more clarification on the rules of this very strict scientific research study?

    I think I have a 100% chance of getting the highest possible score (0) by just guessing: “” (that’s a blank answer)

    Or do defaults get put in for any piece that I don’t guess?

  6. thduggie Post author

    If you don’t guess anything at all, you don’t participate. If you don’t guess parts, defaults get put in: noon if you don’t guess a time, zero if you don’t guess a length or weight, an automatic -5 points if you don’t guess the gender, and 1.1.1900 or whatever equals zero in Openoffice if you don’t guess a date.

    I hope that helps clarify and avoid smartypants betting. πŸ˜‰

  7. joyful

    Noah’s guess: Boy, weighing 200 (he deliberately did not give units – “just 200”), length “this long” (showing between fingers) which I estimate to be 9 cm, date and time “when we go to someone’s house.”

  8. Tokashs

    I have a preference for this date! I became a Mom. It will be a great day!

    Lisa’s Guess: A Boy, July 5, 9:17am, 52cm, 3401g

  9. joyful

    I’m not very good at guessing and as much as I’d like it to be June 28 or July3, I can’t bring myself to predict early. I’m assuming local time for Janet. So here goes:

    Girl, July 9, 06:18, 3997 grams, 53 cm

  10. Jon Daley

    But, lest you think that Noah didn’t inherit it from me, if I can’t have the highest answer, I’ll go for lowest: Boy, July 24th, 16:35, 50.26cm, 4994 g. πŸ™‚

  11. thduggie Post author

    Well, that was a good smartypants effort on his behalf, especially the unitless numbers. And I sure hope that you place last, though if we have a average length heavy boy a bit past date you won’t finish last.

  12. Olivier


  13. Narges & Nigel

    Janet`s handsome, clever Boy will born on the first week of July , and he will be 50 Cm and 3450g.

  14. thduggie Post author

    Ok, to fit the calculations I’ll take the first seven days and average them out… makes July 4th, 12:00 for Narges and Nigel.

  15. Melinda

    The Texas Brown Family guesses:
    Girl. 3.56 kg. 51 cm.
    Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 15:07.

    Just fyi, except for the date, these are the exact dates and times and lengths and weights for Amelia, born in the Josefsklinic on Sept 30, 1998!

  16. Laura

    A baby! That’s so exciting, I’m still in shock just seeing the beautiful photo of Janet a the top of the page…

    Girl, July 5th, 50cm, 5150g

  17. Aunt Becky

    June 28, 5 a.m. local time
    4.0 kilos

    OK, so I cheated on the 1st and 3rd lines…

  18. thduggie Post author

    The polls are definitely closed, if Aunt Becky’s last line didn’t already give it away. The winners are:
    Date: Diana del Rio
    Gender: The majority, who picked a boy
    Length: Brian, Dad-o, Melinda, and myself
    Weight: Josh
    Overall: pikkuphil!

    Not sure what my brother wins – we used to always give each other CDs, but those days seem to be over…

  19. thduggie Post author

    It seems we never posted his birth weight and length on line – neither on this blog nor on Janet’s. Here is the data: 3590g (7lbs 15oz) and 51cm (20″).

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