7 Quick Takes V

— 1 —

Joseph, besides being adept at turning pages in his counting book, also has (inadvertently) exposed a favorite parable on heaven and hell, that of the long spoons. Told as in this source, it reduces the inhabitants of both heaven and hell to an intelligence below that of a 15-month-old. Joseph knows he can get a long spoon into his mouth by simply not holding it at its handle end, but closer to the business end. The folks in the parable either starve or resort to elaborate cross-feeding schemes.

So, if you’re tempted to tell this parable, use a better version.

— 2 —

Years ago, I bought a CD from the now-defunct band TDK. One of the members has since come out with solo music, so if you’re interested in some Bernese Swiss German to Country-esque tunes, Burgersongs might be for you.

— 3 —

I bought shoes this summer, for $11 plus tax, at Payless. They are American Eagle, wide enough for my feet, and have a semi-sporty semi-classy look. Well, in less than half a year, on both shoes a loop holding the laces has slipped out of the seam that was supposed to hold it, and I now have symmetric glue spots on my shoes. I’m not sure $11 plus tax comes with a right to complain, but from new to hemi-demi-semi-classy in just a few weeks made me search for “American Eagle Sucks.” Looks like, in a preemptive strike, AE bought www.americaneaglesucks.com. What I can recommend, however, is UHU glue.

— 4 —

So, if we use Facebook extra often, is it like being married?

— 5 —

Somebody decided on this questionable public health ad campaign in Milwaukee. To me, it looks like Graco bought the politicians: “All ads follow up on the initial shock they may cause by offering a phone number for parents to call to receive a free Pack ‘N Play, a collapsible crib, she said.”

— 6 —

Somebody decided Blacksburg’s the best place to raise kids. We used to call it a drinking town with a football problem.

— 7 —

To finish this off, a rather odd hate crime: Mullets trim beards. So, you can’t own a phone, but when you’re meting out justice, battery-powered trimmers and cameras are ok? Looks like those Mullets need their heads inspected.

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5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes V

  1. IrishOboe

    You’re quick takes take work! I’m not sure I want any more news than I get. There’s a lot of strange stuff out there. (#7)

    #4: So, does not using Facebook much make me a better wife? 😉

  2. thduggie Post author

    #4 – I’m not sure what it says about non-users that are married, except that they get twice the bonus they would get using facebook and not marrying. We also don’t know if the effects are cumulative, or otherwise influence each other. But I’m happy to say yes to your question! 😉

    #5 – don’t get you started on the anti-cosleeping push, or don’t get you started on the fact that Graco buys public health officials? I just googled medical-industrial complex and found that term was first used in 1971, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


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