7 Quick Takes VIII

— 1 —

Another Dots in Books update: My first sale! I sold a copy of the mid-length version of my counting book for kids to the Kantonsbibliothek Baselland, where I will have to stop by one of these days to check on how it’s doing. Next step: write a bunch of libraries.

Counting book for children

— 2 —

The White House has also published something: their 2011 Christmas card. It seems people are upset about it because there’s no tree in it and that’s not christmasey enough.

— 3 —

Santa Automaton by Dug North
So I’m adding some christmasey artwork just in case.

— 4 —

But finally, it’s not christmasey looks but christmasey deeds that make a Christmas christmasey. I’m sure that’s how the KMart customers felt whose layaway bill was paid for by anonymous donors.

— 5 —

But if you want to make sure your Christmas is christmasey enough, leave it to the standards bureaus. Their standard-bearer this season is the Dutch office with their NEN 0512 Guidelines for Sint-Nicolaas Festivities.

— 6 —

Just make sure you comfort those kids who ran into Zwarte Piet, because new research seems to show that letting very young children cry uncomforted is bad for them.

— 7 —

And instead of writing a seventh take, I’ll take time for Christmas, and later time to listen to the seven takes before and after mine.

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  1. SursumCorda

    Congratulations! Your first sale, and it wasn’t even mine, since I’ve been concentrating on Christmas gifts for the moment. You will, eventually, have at least two sales. 🙂


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