The second baby pool

I’m a lot earlier in setting this up than last time, which is mostly due to not wanting to bother with setting up a baby pool around Christmas.  We are of course hoping that Little One stays inside a good bit longer, as his due date is January 16 or 17, I can’t remember for sure.  You can participate as before by commenting with your prediction of Little One’s birth date, time, size, weight, and gender (unknown to us as well).  Whoever gets closest to the truth will be crowned the grand winner and will receive an as of yet undecided prize, which is all the more tantalizing as the grand winner last time has yet to receive his…

Rules for determining the grand winner:
1. If you get the gender right, you receive 0 points; if you get it wrong, or don’t state it, -5 points.
2. For every day you are off, -1 point.  Not stating day or time scores -5 points.
3. For every centimeter you are off, -1 point.  Not stating anything scores -5 points.
4. For every 200 grams you are off, -1 point.  Not stating anything scores -5 points.
5. The person with the highest total wins.
6. Entering after Little One’s arrival voids the entry.
Go to digitaldutch for a useful unit conversion link, or have a look at the Google spreadsheet I made for converting weights!

21 thoughts on “The second baby pool

  1. dstb

    Gender: Boy, ’cause that’s what I always pick.
    Date/Time: January 14th, 5:42 pm
    Length: 51 cm
    Weight: 3515 g


  2. thduggie Post author

    I forgot to put in my own pick, and now it’ll look an awful lot like copying S…
    Gender: Girl
    Date/Time: January 14th, 14:14
    Length: 50 cm
    Weight: 3421 g

  3. NMKB

    Boy (because this side of the family seems to have the same sex for 1st and 2nd children)
    January 13th, 1:13 PM
    52 cm
    3544 gm


  4. joyful

    Technical question – you have a score for days off, but not hours or minutes. Are you going to count them as fractions of days and thus deduct fractions of points?

  5. thduggie Post author

    Yep, time will be scored as fractional days and result in fractional points, just like last time. I thought I’d transferred all the post-hoc rule details into the rules, but that one slipped past. Thanks for pointing it out!

  6. SursumCorda

    It’s about time I got on the ball here! First, my official prediction:

    Gender: Girl (Because I ALWAYS choose “girl.” I’ve been right 1/3 of the time.)
    Date/Time: January 9th, 3:30pm
    Length: 50cm
    Weight: 3300

    Unofficially, however, I say “boy,” because I have a name. I was praying for Joseph and to my surprise spoke instead this other name. I’m not saying the name to avoid any possible influence, but it’s a boy’s name, hence my unofficial hedge.

  7. Dad-o

    I made my guess independent of looking at others. It looks like I shut out Sarah on some parameters and she shuts me out too (this being a reciprocal situation). Boy, 3490 grams, 50 cm, January 14, 5:13PM

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