Videos from the USA

You can tell how far behind I am with videos by the fact that only now the US vacation videos get posted.  But as they say, better Nate than lever.

We start out in Providence, with Joseph going down a big slide.

Back at the Maggie P., Vivienne’s being cuteJoseph plays with Joy, and Jonathan teaches Vivienne about tennis ballsNoah throws a tea party for himself and his birthday buddy, who very seriously drinks his tea.  One of Joseph’s favorite birthday presents is his new abacus, but what’s really fun about his age is how much he enjoys playing with his cousins.

All the while, he’s getting used to the routines surrounding his body: brushing teeth, with fervor; and pooing.

We close with an examples of Vivienne crawling, Joseph jumping, and Vivienne smiling.

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  1. thduggie Post author

    I guess your little plants must be growing well! We’ll need to offer some more seeds…


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