Baby Pool III

I’m not quite as early in setting this up as last time, but still well ahead of the initial pool.  We are of course hoping that Little One stays inside a good bit longer, as his due date is August 7, but Janet’s feeling b-i-g and everyone who sees her seems surprised that she still has nearly two months to go.  You can participate as before by commenting with your prediction of Little One’s birth date, time, size, weight, and gender (unknown to us as well).  Whoever gets closest to the truth will be crowned the grand winner and will receive an as of yet undecided prize.  I think the past winners have since received something that starts with “ch” and rhymes with “shock lit.”

Rules for determining the grand winner:
1. If you get the gender right, you receive 0 points; if you get it wrong, or don’t state it, -5 points.
2. For every day you are off, -1 point.  Not stating day or time scores -5 points.
3. For every centimeter you are off, -1 point.  Not stating anything scores -5 points.
4. For every 200 grams you are off, -1 point.  Not stating anything scores -5 points.
5. The person with the highest total wins.
6. Entering after Little One’s arrival voids the entry.
Go to digitaldutch for a useful unit conversion link, or have a look at the Google spreadsheet I made for converting weights!

And here’s Janet at week 30:
Janet at 30 weeks

26 thoughts on “Baby Pool III

  1. thduggie Post author

    And I’ll enter my prediction first:
    August 5, 2013, at 11:23 (am), a girl of 21 inches (53 cm) and 3455 grams will be born. Shall we name her Leonarda?

  2. dstb

    August 5, 2013. (someone’s b-day and the number thing)
    8:05 a.m.
    21.5 cm/54.6 in
    8.5lbs/3856 grams
    Although I believe it will be a boy, if it were a girl, I would suggest the name Brianna (not really). I do have a name picked out for a boy, but I don’t want to taint your selection.


  3. joyful

    Faith: girl (she doesn’t want to guess any other stats)
    I’ll guess later. can’t think with a screaming baby

  4. thduggie Post author

    Aunt Sarah: with my grandpa’s middle name being Bryan, I think it would have to be Bryanna. Though why you came up with that one I shall never know. Does it also have something to do with the numbers you picked? My Leonarda is in honor of Leonardo Fibonacci.

    Good pick, Faith; and I’m guessing your mom won’t have a screaming baby non-stop for the next seven weeks, so there’s no hurry.

  5. joyful

    Ha! Good thing I don’t have a screaming baby for 7 weeks straight.

    My guess:
    Boy (here’s to alternating!)
    August 13 (I’m determined to always guess late, plus that’s Jeremiah’s 1/2 year birthday)
    8 lb 2 oz (3685 g)
    20 1/4 in (51.44 cm)

    1. Linda Wightman

      It’s tempting to say boy, to match the boy-girl-boy pattern in your family, and for Porter’s sake (assuming the previous naming pattern holds), but I always guess girl and I’m sticking with it.

      I’d also like to say August 3-5 (so Porter has time for sightseeing but is still there for the birth), but since I’m saying girl I’m going with Vivienne’s timing and assuming she will be a little late.

      August 9
      7:50 pm
      8 lb13 oz (3997 g)
      21 1/4 in (54 cm)

  6. NMKB

    August 5th in honor of Brian
    I would do a lot of other combos of 8 and 5 but Sarah got to them first.
    8 lb 10 oz
    21.75 inches


  7. thduggie Post author

    I didn’t even know Brian’s birthday and picked August 5, so it looks like that will be the mode (but not the mean) of this pool.

  8. Paul

    Hey big cousin! Conrats! Paul Westfall here! Here’s my guess … Little One’s birth date: August 8th, time: 1:35am, size: 51cm, weight: 3500 grams, and gender:GIRL.

  9. Meg Wilhoite

    August 2, 2013
    4082 g (nice Google spreadsheet!)
    54 cm

    best wishes to all 4.9 of you!

  10. Olivier

    Do your prize winning rules cover multiple guesses ? doubling my chances:
    Twins. A boy 53cm, 3250g, and a girl 51cm, 3100g, July 27.

    Hope to catch you this month in Switzerland (luckily you won’t be too far away from home)

    1. thduggie Post author

      They don’t, so I can score your guess however I want to! 😉
      Yep, planning on being in CH this summer.

  11. thduggie Post author

    Gina says (on facebook):

    Your web does not accept my poll, so here it is: girl, 29.07, 3290g and 49 cm.

    I know Janet will appreciate the recent lighter entries!

  12. Tina Blum

    Here’s my guess:
    Girl, born on Thursday August 1, 2013 at 7:16 am, measuring 50.8 cm (20 inches) and weighing 3402 g (7 lbs. 8 oz). 🙂

  13. Steve

    Great game … everyone wins in the end!

    I’m picking a boy, born on August 6th (9pm), at 45 cm and weighing in at 3800g.

  14. Diana

    Even though I do not wish to prolong Janet’s pregnancy, I have to vote for August 12th for the birth date. I am biased though. (Otherwise, I would pick August 7th. I like the number 7.)

    gender: girl
    weight: 7 lb 6 oz or 3260g
    Length 21 inches or about 53 cm
    time: 9:45 am

  15. thduggie Post author

    …and we have a repeat winner: joyful takes the prize for the second time in a row! Our son was 53 cm long (20.9 in) and weighed 4300 grams (9 lbs 8 oz). He’s more than a pound heavier than his siblings were.

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