Baby Pool IV

I’m not quite as early in setting this up as last time, or the time before that, but still well ahead of the initial pool.  Little One is due June 15, but Janet’s feeling big already and despite her pick is hoping for an early arrival.  Here’s how to play: leave a comment with your prediction of Little One’s birth date, time, size, weight, and gender, and whoever gets closest on average to the truth wins a sweet prize.

Rules for determining the grand winner:
1. If you get the gender right, you receive 0 points; if you get it wrong, or don’t state it, -5 points.
2. For every day you are off, -1 point.  Not stating day or time scores -5 points.
3. For every centimeter you are off, -1 point.  Not stating anything scores -5 points.
4. For every 200 grams you are off, -1 point.  Not stating anything scores -5 points.
5. The person with the highest total wins.
6. Entering after Little One’s arrival voids the entry.
Go to digitaldutch for a useful unit conversion link, or have a look at the Google spreadsheet I made for converting weights!

I guess having three kids running around makes for fewer photographs, as I don’t have a current picture of Janet’s baby belly.  She looks a lot like the photo in the third baby pool post, except perhaps a little bigger.  We are, of course, two weeks later.

Historical data, for those who need it for their pick: First baby 6 days early, 51cm, 3590g; second baby four days late, 53cm, 3840g; third baby eight days late, 53cm, 4300g.

Good luck!

20 thoughts on “Baby Pool IV

  1. thduggie Post author

    Here are our picks:
    Stephan says girl, June 21st, 18:38 CEST (astronomical solstice), 51 cm, and 3860 grams.
    Janet says girl, too, but June 20th, 22:30, 51.5 cm and 3950 grams.

  2. Linda Wightman

    Hmm. I don’t like the progression: 6 days early, 4 days late, 8 days late. Let’s break the pattern and actually hit the due date this time. That’s not my official guess; I’m still thinking about it. I’ll bet Uncle A. goes for three days late, though.

  3. Sarah

    Okay, my theme this time is “4” because this is the 4th child and because I want a certain birth date!
    Gender: Male (4 letters) Yes, girl has 4 letters, but I always guess boy.
    Date: June 4 (I’m going early to make Tom, Uncle Jay, my brother, and maybe even Janet, happy)
    Length: 54cm
    Weight: 4000 g
    I have a name picked out too that revolves around the theme, but that’s the parents decision. I’ll just see if they choose it if they have a boy.

    1. thduggie Post author

      Let’s see: Quarto? Foreman? Forrest? Ivan (think Roman numerals)? You can comment once the baby’s here and we’ve picked the name. 🙂
      I agree that an early baby would be nice, for the reasons you mention and also birthday spacing reasons.

  4. Nancy

    Here are my guesses.
    Girl so Vivienne is no longer out numbered.
    June 11th at 1315 (a good date, early and not an inconvenient hour)
    53 cm
    3856 gm

  5. Dad-o*9.8

    Right on time, June 15, at 3:53 AM, 53 cm, 3953gm, male.
    That is as many 53s as I can work in.

  6. dstb4

    My guesses. First time doing this, so we will see how it goes. My theme is T’s graduation.

    Gender: Boy
    Date: June 18
    Time: 19:00
    Weight: 3900 gm
    Length: 52 cm


  7. Linda Wightman

    B has Uncle A. covered, so I’ll honor Kathy L. with the 16th. And since that’s a Tuesday, I’ll honor our mother/daughter phone calls by saying 8:30 p.m. local time. Girl, of course, because that’s what I always choose. (I’ve been wrong 70% of the time so far, but is that any reason to give up? Do I get points for persistence?) 52 cm, 3800 g.

  8. Laurie Theurer

    OK, I’m game!
    Girl, June 18th at 15:30, 52.5 cm, 3400 grams.
    Love to you both,

  9. thduggie Post author

    Hmm, the girl votes are jumping into the lead… and I’m sure Janet’s appreciating that the highest weight so far is 4000g.

  10. Linda Wightman

    Come on, Baby! Three more hours! I think your mother would appreciate a three-hour labor, don’t you? Aunt Heather wouldn’t mind giving up our phone date for the occasion, I’m sure.

  11. thduggie Post author

    As far as time and date goes, all picks except Janet’s and mine are in the past. This will be our first baby where one of the parents picked the time of arrival closest to the actual arrival!

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