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Here’s the last push to get 2015 settled.

November, in the new house: Jigsaw practice.  If I had realized that there was only one November video left, I might have included it yesterday.

December, obviously in the new house: The will to crawl, Forward motion, Decorating the tree part 1, part 2, part 3, Workspace 1.0, Tooth and (no) crawl, Swim fast, Piano man, Crawling baby six months, Jingle bells, High chair, Stockings, Model planes, Bean bag, Big present, Doll house, Cantons book, Christmas music, Jingle bells (reprise), Jingle bells (Bappe’s turn), Three weeks of crawling.

6 thoughts on “More videos

    1. thduggie Post author

      You’ve got your “More videos” mixed up… 😉 I think it’s total coincidence. Maybe the language switch jarred her out of her distraction, but it seems she was done being distracted somewhere between his last German utterance and his English declaration.

  1. Linda Wightman

    In “Model Planes” I hear some music in the background starting at about 0:39. Can you identify it? It’s one of those “I know I know it” things….

    What joyful noises! Daniel’s grasp of the Jingle Bells lyrics surprised me.


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