Baby Pool V

We’ve done this four times already; here’s the fifth. For the first, second, third, and fourth, please click on the links.

The rules stay nearly the same: Leave a comment with your prediction of Little One’s birth date, time, size, weight, and gender, and whoever gets closest on average to the truth wins a sweet prize.

  1. If you get the gender right, you receive 0 points; if you get it wrong, or don’t state it, -5 points.
  2. For every day you are off, -0.5 points (used to be -1 point). Not stating day or time scores -5 points.
  3. For every centimeter you are off, -1 point. Not stating anything scores -5 points.
  4. For every 200 grams you are off, -1 point. Not stating anything scores -5 points.
  5. The person with the highest total wins.
  6. Entering after Little One’s arrival voids the entry.

The following might influence your picks:
The due date is October 28th, 2023. I have no photographic evidence of Janet’s baby belly, but it’s big. I do have historical data: First baby 6 days early, 51cm, 3590g; second baby four days late, 53cm, 3840g; third baby eight days late, 53cm, 4300g; fourth baby six days late, 51cm, 3650g.

Go to digitaldutch for a useful unit conversion link, or have a look at the Google spreadsheet I made for converting weights!

24 thoughts on “Baby Pool V

  1. Grandma

    Oh, yay! Time to put brain in gear! Though having gone through this at least 12 times before I can’t say my record is a comforting assurance of my brain power.


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