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Second third of January 2016 (which are half the month’s videos).

Vivienne gets a birthday tea set, Vivienne and Joseph inspect the tea set, Vivienne gets her ballet dress, Vivienne puts it to use, Vivienne blows out her candles, Vivienne knocks over a tower, Daniel crosses the balance beam, Daniel isn’t ready to go solo, Vivienne goes solo with a flourish, Ellie stands by the coffee table, Ellie eats melon, Ellie stands by the other coffee table, Balance beam cruising, Ellie creeps up a ramp, Ellie pulls herself up, Joseph records Ellie creeping, and Ellie creeps toward the camera.

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February 2016:

Ellie won’t knock over her tower, still won’t, Entertaining Ellie, House band, Dan and Ellie breakfast, Vivienne tries tap dancing, Ellie laughing, Joseph’s solar system, Ellie pulling herself up, Daniel does the States puzzle, Joseph in sunglasses, Joseph flashback, Daniel does the States puzzle (full puzzle, >14min), Ellie and Daniel play together, Biking on Chriesiweg (again), Ellie and Joseph play together, Fun in the kids’ room, and some Bible reading.

With this sort of telescoped review, Ellie’s changes in particular stand out all the more.

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March videos:

Vivienne does ballet, Ellie starts cruising, Ellie pulls down a puzzle, Daniel sings the States song, Ellie about to do something dangerous, Tour of our house, Jingle bells variations, Daniel and Ellie interact, Daniel gets distracted from showing Utah, Daniel goofs off singing the States song, Is that Georgia?, Daniel is Ellie, Handstand helper, Rabbit scene, and the Grand Old Duke of York.

Ok.  52 more videos for February and January.

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April 2016!

Ellie on the recorder, Easter egg hunt, Daniel loves the States song, Dad-o mummy, Brachiation ladder, Joseph crosses the brachiation ladder, Ellie stands and chatters, Ellie walks with a mobile tray (again, longer) (and more), Crafts, Googly eyes, Daniel and Dad-o play catch, Daniel gets sleepy, sleepy Dan twirls his hair, Ellie eats a banana, Ellie practices standing, and Ellie jonesing for the camera,

That means there’s still the entire first quarter to go… but I’ve also done more than a quarter in a reasonably short time, so there’s hope!

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Vivienne in the bear trap, Daniel in the bear trap, Ellie on the drums, Joseph’s origami review (part 2) (part 3) (part 4: body book) (part 5) (part 6) (part 7) (part 8), Ellie and the watering can, Big Brainz, Climbing Ellie, and Dice in a box.

These are all from May, and in case you’re wondering where the first half of June went, well, it appears that the videos from June 15th are all we have from the first half of June.  If it’s any consolation, May and April both seem to show the same pattern: few videos in the first half, disproportionately more in the second half.

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One in July, the rest from the second half of June (well, plus June 15th).

Ellie wants to see the video, Ellie walks holding hands, Ellie stays standing (for less time than it takes you to read this parenthetical), a little more standing, Daniel and Ellie on the brachation ladder, Ellie hangs, Fun with felt-tips, Joseph helps Ellie walk, Light switch, Ellie’s presents, Ellie’s cupcake, Flies in the house, Joseph’s birthday treasure hunt – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Joseph’s muffins, Vivienne pushes Ellie, Vivienne and Ellie share a tumble, and Ellie climbs onto the dollhouse.