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More photos

There are more photos up at the usual place, with the usual password. I’m not in a mood to fix the title, which indicates that the pictures range from October 12, 2014 to November 5, 2014, when in reality they range from October 2013 to December 18, 2014.

P.S. there’s a commenting issue with my blog that I hope to fix soon, so don’t try to comment for now…

More photos

Finally, the photos from our summer vacation are up in the usual place.  Maybe that means videos might come, too, someday…

Note that if the host server still has a restriction on how many requests per minute are allowed from the same address, the pictures may stop loading at some point.  If that happens, go make yourself some tea and try the album a little later.

More videos and photos

The photos are up in the usual place.  It’s worth asking how during a two-week period where grown-ups were not outnumbered we managed to record fewer videos and take fewer pictures than usual.

Joseph practices Hiragana, Vivienne’s walkie bike, Joseph rides solo, Daniel uses a walker, Daniel drinks from a cup, Daniel makes music, Daniel adds a final flourish, Daniel laughing, Daniel discovers the keyboard, Baby attack, Daniel flops, Jazzy Dan, Daniel flops again.

More videos and more photos

As an Easter gift to our children’s grandparents, we offer a load of photos at the usual site with the usual credentials and a few videos (without a cherry on top).

Joseph and Vivienne’s pretend prayer, Vivienne “calling” Grossmutti, Vivienne presenting Mommy’s birthday gift, Joseph singing for Daniel, Trebly happy birthday, Joseph writing Chinese numbers, Joseph tracing letters, and Daniel on the recorder.

More photos

I have slightly fewer photos this time, likely because we had sunny weather and spent more time outside.  If today’s weather stays around, the next two weeks will offer more…

The photos are in the usual place, with the usual credentials.  If you’ve forgotten them, just ask.