Butting in and other forgotten details

Friday: I was first in line for the rapid train for Ikebukuro.  Consequently, I ended up flat against the opposite door.  I barely managed to read my Bible, holding it just at the focusing limit of my eyes – and it’s a small print edition.  Then came the stop Jujo, where the doors on the opposite side open.  I began to wonder how I was going to manage, especially when I saw that someone else wanted to get in.  I braced myself against the doorframe and pushed my posterior backward, because nothing else could move backward – and it worked!  Somehow there was still room left in that train for another person.

Friday: I’ve done a bit of fact-checking on the Uyghur arrest, as much as that can be reliably done at all these days.  It appears the case, regarding one Huseyincan Celil, is not quite as straightforward.  For further reading, see the Wikipedia site on Celil and an interesting blog on Celil.  Of course, there’s always Amnesty International for an unbiased opinion.

Sunday: I filed that entry under food and then remained conspicuously silent about what I ate.  Well, for lunch I had raw okra with mayonnaise, tatsuta-age chicken bits with mayonnaise, and plums from Yamanashi.

Sunday: I noticed that Mizuho, one of the few young people I remember from when I went to that church six years ago, had cut her hair shorter.  It makes her look sprightlier, and it’s fun to see what a difference six years can make when they’re balanced around age 20.


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