Leaving the hotel

It took me until 7pm, but I did leave the hotel.  Around lunch I saw snitches of the Super Rain Bowl – lunch was at the hotel.  My first business meeting was in the hotel lobby.  For my second one we ventured out, two newbies to Auckland, and found the Queens Ferry Hotel, where we tried Monteith’s Original and the honey-flavored summer beer along with fish and chips.  I prefer the Monteith’s Original to the gummy-bear sweetness of the honey brew.  The review I link to above is right on the money – we picked the Queens Ferry Hotel because (a) it was Kiwi food Kiwi beer Kiwi this Kiwi that according to the signs, (b) there was space and (c) it looked pleasant.  After 9:30 p.m. they dimmed the lights, but we couldn’t figure out why – the lone guy reading his book at the other table hardly could have been their reason for romantic mood lighting. 

On the way back to the hotel we walked up an absurdly steep street that proved to me that this part of Auckland hadn’t been built before the advent of motor cars. 

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