Photos from Korea and Japan

Korea Wedding
The House of Weddings. 

The bride
The bride in her pre-wedding photography cell.

Wedding chapel
The chapel – note the projection screen to the right and the associated camera top left.  The pulpit to the left is for the Korea Wedding emcees. 

Dry ice time
Smokin’ hot newlyweds.

Photo time
Say kimcheese! 

Rooftop décor
Bucolic rooftop décor. 

The unknown couple
The couple we don’t know. 

Throwing nuts for prosperity
The groom’s parents throw nuts for prosperity (that’s my guess); the lady in the blue skirt directs the family in the correct practice of Korean tradition.

Piggyback bride
Piggyback bride. 

Glowing cat
Traditional Korean village.

Traditional Korean house (of the former upper class). 

Partner look in Korean subway
The partner look is alive and well. 

Sarang sanctuary
Sarang church main sanctuary.  I couldn’t figure out how they kept the plants alive underground. 

Sarang programs
Church program stacks before the fourth service at Sarang. 

View from Millennium Seoul Hilton
Sunset from my hotel room. 

Booth Girls
Final meeting after the show. 


2 thoughts on “Photos from Korea and Japan

  1. joyful

    We went to a Korean/American wedding where they did the nut/date throwing thing. They explained all the ceremony because at least half the guests didn’t know what was going on. They said the number of nuts caught in the bride’s apron would be number of girls born to the couple. Dates = boys. or vice versa.


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