5 thoughts on “Big Pumpkins

  1. dstb

    FYI, I grew up in Topsfield and even showed veggies and stuff in the 4-H building. I believe it is the oldest continuously running agricultural fair in the US (started in 1818).

    I never grew a pumpkin that big, though. Not even close. Congrat’s to the European champ!


  2. thduggie Post author

    Yes, our pumpkin this year weighed in at about 4.3 kilograms. That’s how much weight Beni’s loses in a day, now that it’s off the vine. The European championships are this coming weekend, and a German guy weighed in at 762 kilograms last weekend, so it’ll be a close one!

  3. thduggie Post author

    True, and the soup was/is tasty. But one regular pumpkin and one butternut seems like a small harvest, albeit much larger than last year!

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