It’s like monkey!

I don’t get to visit Japan anymore, and that’s a shame, because I miss all the fun Engrish.  But friends bringing back Engrish and the byproducts of decluttering occasionally still provide me with some entertainment.  Here, thematically well-aligned with my new book and CD giveaway page, are three nice images.

First, Pocari Sweat for babies (with lots of sugar):
Pocari Sweat for Babies

Then, an intriguing CD cover by Roboshop Mania:
This is a real CD cover.

And finally, the only English-language song from that album.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you believe the one-star ranking and my recollection), I have turned the CD into a wall clock, which has fallen off the wall, breaking the CD.
It's like monkey!  Now, understand!

Oh yeah.

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