Pre-vacation videos

There’s a big backlog of videos, which will take a while to work through.  Here are videos from before our trip to the US.

Joseph enjoys spinning all manner of things, among which this toy.

Joseph’s quite the imitator, which sometimes extends to things beyond his age, such as deodorant.  I’m glad I’ve so far managed to keep the spray out of reach.

He is continually expanding his list of names.  Here he’s saying “Götti Alain.”

He’s also fascinated with the United States, although watching him here serves mostly to show how much he’s improved since.

Before going on vacation, Janet told him we’d take a bus, take a train, take a plane, and take a car to see Grandma and Dad-o.  He started repeating that – here’s one short instance.  Here’s the full litany, on the morning of the flight.

We started using a new cream on his dry facial skin.  Bappe took to calling it “Supersalbi” – “super cream” – and Joseph immediately latched onto that.

Vivienne has a pretty tight grip, though in this video her hands are slippery and she doesn’t hold on to Bappe’s thumbs for long.

Here is Joseph counting to 100 before turning two.  Here he is counting to 100 with the dots book – at least I think so, because my internet connection keeps conking out before I can finish watching.

Vivienne’s first forays into mobility come just before vacation.  Success is varied.  Here’s another example of her efforts.

All the while, the little neighboring houses (Schindlerhüsli) are being torn down.  Work is painstaking, because the siding contains asbestos and the different components need to be separated and recycled.  Here’s the first pass: Untile my roof.  Here’s more noisy construction.

Vivienne likes being sung to.  Here we have Grossvater doing the honors.

2 thoughts on “Pre-vacation videos

  1. SursumCorda

    Loved them all, but really laughed at the deodorant video! The dots came through fine for me — and in Swiss German, too. With a brief foray into Japanese….


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