Where the Swiss place their hopes

swissfuture and weiterdenken.ch have again conducted their end-of-year survey to determine where the Swiss place their hopes and how optimistic they are for 2013.  Simply put, we’re optimistic; we’re more optimistic about Switzerland than about the rest of the world, and at the same time, place our hopes squarely at the feet of…

Barack Obama.  It’s enough to make me pessimistic about Switzerland.

As an average Swiss, my top ten sources of hope are
62% — the many unsung heroes of everyday life
43% — Barack Obama
41% — myself
39% — my spouse or partner
27% — God
23% — my children / grandchildren
23% — Jesus Christ
17% — my parents / grandparents
13% — the Dalai Lama
10% — Alain Berset (the youngest, best-looking, and most recently elected member of the federal council)

Why we place our hopes in someone paid to look out for the interests of a foreign country, or in someone who embodies the identity and culture of a central Asian region, eludes me.  Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Where the Swiss place their hopes

  1. Linda Wightman

    Well, if you add together those who hope in God, those whose hope is in Jesus Christ, those who consider the Dalai Lama to be divine, and those who see Barack Obama as some sort of messiah — not to mention those who worship the self above all — and maybe throw in some vestige of ancestor worship along with the worship of youth and good looks, and you have a portrait of a population with a very spiritual ground of hope!

  2. thduggie Post author

    That’s an interesting point, and begs the question: can hope be grounded in anything non-spiritual?


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