Making steel generates heat

…and there are plans to recover the excess heat to generate electricity and heat houses.  Only problem: we’re missing 16 MCHF.  (Kickstarter, maybe?)  Here’s a news clip that shows a number of neat steelmaking videos.

Note: I only got the clip to work in IE, not in Firefox.

3 thoughts on “Making steel generates heat

  1. Linda Wightman

    I got it to work in Firefox, once I allowed Flash in Flashblock.

    Nice visuals. Nice to see Swiss Steel and Emmen.

    Who’d have though a hair-raising word like Geschäftsführer would translate to something as mild-sounding as “managing director”? It still conjures up pictures of lunatics with bad mustaches.

    1. thduggie Post author

      Geschäftsführer = CEO, usually. And because “Führer” simply means “leader,” eradicating the word wasn’t a viable option.

  2. Linda Wightman

    I guess that shows that the Swiss are more practical than the Americans, since we seem determined to eradicate words (like “niggardly”) that make us think of unpleasant things, whether there is any true connection or not.


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