Pumpkins – big and small

Last year, my chemist’s brother set a European record for the largest pumpkin.  This year – well, his pumpkin shattered the metric ton mark, but it won’t count because it has a thumb-sized hole on the bottom.

So what do you do with a disqualified one-ton-berry?  Carve the sucker!  I’d mentioned Ray Villafane before: here’s what he does with a giant pumpkin:

World’s heaviest pumpkin (unofficially) in Ludwigsburg

As for my pumpkins: the largest butternut weighed in at 976 grams, and the lone pumpkin is probably around 7-8 kilograms, too heavy for the kitchen scale to tell.  So I’ve beaten my own record – and would beat Beni Meier’s giant in an official contest, too!

5 thoughts on “Pumpkins – big and small

  1. thduggie Post author

    Thanks! According to my chemist, big giant pumpkins don’t taste well anyway. They do, however, make fun boats.

  2. joyful

    A friend at church grows giant pumpkins and when I told him about this one, he already knew. He, however, was very excited about it, and in his mind, it’s still a record-breaker. He was careful to say “the unofficial world record” but he was totally thrilled with it.

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