A fascinating visualization of the US census race data

Take a look at the racial dot map the good people in Virginia have put together and play around with it.  It’s like reading the phone book for the infographics generation – and I say that as a compliment.

3 thoughts on “A fascinating visualization of the US census race data

  1. Linda Wightman

    My first reaction was: non-white people tend to live in big cities. My second was: well, duh, a distinctive smaller percentage shows up where the numbers are bigger. My third was: there are still some pretty large empty places in the country. Of course some of them, like the Everglades, are not exactly where I would choose to live even if I could.

  2. thduggie Post author

    It could well be that modern immigrants simply have a tendency to flock to the population centers, because finding a job there is easier. But you’re right: segregation seems to be more prevalent in cities.
    It was also interesting to look at the Virginia Tech campus and see (a) the high population density and (b) the racial distribution.


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