National Paper Airplane Contest

So, if you remember, I backed the PowerUp 3.0 project on Kickstarter and got myself a fancy motor for paper airplaine.  Shai, who ran the project, has sent out an e-mail that John Collins, the world record holder for distance flying, has launched a Kickstarter project for a National Paper Airplane Contest.  I dare you to look me in the eyes and tell me there isn’t a little kid inside you that would totally participate at the local preliminaries…

Scroll down on the Kickstarter page to see Conan O’Brien interview Mr. Collins, who demonstrates a few planes on the show.  They also show the world record throw.

As for my paper airplane propeller, I still don’t have a phone that can run the app, so I handed it to our apprentice for Christmas break.  He had some fun with it, though he recommends using it outside.  Relevant quote: “Minus two ornaments.”

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