Little Free Libraries

The SCBWI bulletin this month mentioned this project, and I thought it was worth sharing and remembering.  It’s deceptively simple: put up a weather-resistant box, fill it with books, and label it “FREE BOOKS.”  People find you on the online map, and come to take or swap books from your mini-library with a mini-overhead and no membership cards.

I know that kindles are mitigating the problem of having more books than shelf space, but it still strikes me as a neat way to combine decluttering with extra shelf space and new books.  Beyond that, a Little Free Library could be something for Grandpa’s yard – it might get him some visitors in a mood for conversation.  Or if you feel like donating one to an area that could use freely and easily available books, that’s an option, too.  Here’s where you can get started!

If you do set one up, please let me know!

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  1. thduggie Post author

    I’ve been informed of a cool Little Free Library in Granby, CT, modeled after the Dr. Who Tardis. See the article here on page 4.


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